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COVID-19 Preventive Measures

We have helped various clients in changing the health and safety requirements based upon COVID-19 pandemic. This included establishing infection disease control policy, workplace sanitation protocols, PPE requirements, ventilation requirements. We are helping various now with the return to work programs

  • Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, MG Environmental Consulting is fully committed to providing best EH&S measures and support to the electronic recycling community. Our cumulative environmental compliance experience allow us to help organizations in COVID-19 risk assessment and prevention plan, make policies to avoid the spread of this pandemic virus and keeping the employee safety at the primary level.

  • We provide Infectious disease control policy for your organization.

  • We provide an online training on COVID-19 to educate staff on how to take precautionary measures and a questionnaire for employees before entering the workplace.

  • We provide PPE requirements and PTO policies.

  • We work with clients to perform risk assessment to identify potential exposures.

  • We provide a plan for redesigning the workspace and facility disinfection schedule to minimize the potential exposure.

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